FREE Returns with all orders, FREE UK Shipping with orders of £60 & over. FREE Worldwide Shipping with orders of £150 & over!

FREE Returns with all orders, FREE UK Shipping with orders of £60 & over. FREE Worldwide Shipping with orders of £150 & over!

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Our Bundle options are the perfect way to kick-start your sustainable wardrobe! Here are some other bundles that might tickle your fancy:

Includes Three Origin T-Shirts of your choice!


Includes One Origin Oxford Shirt, Cardholder!


"The Inventor" is a dream for someone who is always on the go. When you are on the way to a coffee meeting in the heart of Mayfair you just need the essentials. A notepad to help you get your point across and a way to pay for the drinks! (Always be the one to pay/ offer!)


  • Four cardholder slots (but fits 8 cards very comfortably by doubling up on each slot)
  • One central section for cash
  • All our paper is FSC Certified!


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  • No additional environmental resources required for raw material.
  • No toxic chemicals used in production.
  • Closed loop production – residual leaf biomass is used as natural fertilizer/biofuel.
  • Non-woven mesh is biodegradable.


  • Heavy use of resources including land, water, food and fuel.
  • Toxic chemicals used in tanning and production have a detrimental impact on health and environment.
  • High waste mass from tanning process.
  • Synthetic materials take many years to degrade, releasing toxins.


Step 1 - Leaf Harvest

Step 2 - Decorticating

Step 3 - Washing

Step 4 - Drying

Step 5 - Degumming

Step 6 - Non-woven

Step 7 - Finished Textile

Step 8 - Create our Notepads & Cardholders

Innovation: Africa

We are committed to creating a sustainable future that is why we are donating £5 for every "The Inventor" sold to our Innovation: Africa Project. These donations will provide a rural medical clinic in Africa with life-saving equipment.



Here is how much it costs us to create each piece included in "The Inventor" bundle and also the journey they have been on from plant to shop. We believe you deserve all the information about the pieces you are buying! Click on the map for an interactive option!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lovely Gift Notebook

I bought 2 of these as gifts and they were beautifully packaged and are lovely notebooks!

Good quality

I purchased a notebook in the paprika colour and I love it! It was made well and a standout when I go to meetings.

Love it!

I really love my Piñatex notebook in brown, it looks super smart and is well made. Lots of compliments :)