Origin Cardholder - Made from Pineapple Leaves

Sick of carrying around a bulky wallet which barely fits in your pocket? Grab yourself one of these bad boys! They are made out of PIÑATEX®, a material created from pineapple leaves! 


  •  Four cardholder slots
  • One central section for cash 


  • No additional environmental resources required for raw material.
  • No toxic chemicals used in production.
  • Closed-loop production – residual leaf biomass is used as natural fertilizer/biofuel.
  • Non-woven mesh is biodegradable.

Innovation: Africa

We are committed to creating a sustainable future that is why we are donating £3.50 for every Cardholder sold to our Innovation: Africa Project. These donations will provide a rural medical clinic in Africa with life-saving equipment.

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