Organic Cotton

When creating Ivywake a massive influence for us was the effect the fashion industry has on the Earth.

Some people might say, “then why create a clothing company that could increase the problem?” Our thought process was that if we could create a company that from the very beginning used organic cotton and recyclable material, we could actually reduce the impact the fashion industry has on the Earth.

When growing cotton a huge amount of chemical fertiliser and water is used to ensure the successful growth of the crop. It takes 20,000 litres of water to grow one kilogram of cotton! It also accounts for 16% of the world’s pesticides usage. These pesticides have enormous repercussions on the land and ecosystems in the surrounding area. They also can be extremely dangerous to the farmers that use them.

When growing organic cotton no chemical fertilisers, pesticides or insecticides are used. This allows for a massive improvement in the land quality that the crops are grown on, a 71% decrease in water usage and a huge reduction in water contamination. With there being no chemical run off the ecosystems in the surrounding area are also able to flourish.

Our aim is that as we grow we will be able to increase investment into research and development, allowing us to find new methods of producing eco-friendly clothing fabrics and discover alternative options. By implementing these new materials and methods of production into our supply chain we can start to reverse the impact that the fashion industry has created.

When purchasing an Ivywake garment you are not just purchasing clothing, you are investing in creating a sustainable future.