FREE Returns with all orders, FREE UK Shipping with orders of £60 & over. FREE Worldwide Shipping with orders of £150 & over!

FREE Returns with all orders, FREE UK Shipping with orders of £60 & over. FREE Worldwide Shipping with orders of £150 & over!

Our Story

The idea of Ivywake started in 2013 when I was searching for sustainable clothing for a university project. After spending a day looking and not finding a single item of sustainable clothing that I would wear, I started researching how to start a sustainable clothing company. After two weeks I dropped out of university and began creating Ivywake.

After three years of research & development, Ivywake was launched on the 28th May 2017.

Our Origin Collection is focused on providing you a sustainable capsule wardrobe that can be worn at a Monday morning board meeting to a Sunday afternoon walk in the country. The fabrics we use in the origin collection are:

  • 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Organic Cotton.
  • Lambswool
  • Merino Wool
  • Pinatex (Pineapple leaves)


What is Organic Cotton?

Organic Cotton is cotton which has been grown without any chemicals such as pesticides or insecticides. Therefore the growth of the crop does not have a negative impact on the environment.


Why should I buy Organic Clothing?

The fashion industry is the world's second biggest polluter. For me, this was a massive shock when I found out. I never associated fashion with pollution. However, after doing a huge amount of research, I found out that through water pollution from fabric dyes and the huge energy demand from clothing manufacturing sites, the fashion industry was causing the most amount of pollution bar the oil industry!  


Our Innovation:Africa Partnership

1 T-Shirt Sold = 2 Lives Changed

We donate 10% of every purchase to bring solar technology to a rural medical clinic in Africa. This technology will allow the clinic to store lifesaving medicines & vaccinees onsite. The reason why we partnered with them was because we wanted to be able to show you exactly how your money is saving, changing and empowering the lives of thousands of people. We will be flying in for the installation so we are able to share with you the stories of the people you have made a huge impact on.

Transparency / Our Supply Chain

For most companies putting their supply chain on their website sounds like the worst idea they have ever heard. For us, we want you to be able to understand the journey your clothing has been on.

To check out our supply chain click on the button below, it will take you to the website that hosts our interactive supply chain map.

Sam McCarthy - Founder

If you have any questions about us or the clothing please send me an email on and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for taking the time to read about us. Have a great day!