FREE Returns with all orders, FREE UK Shipping & FREE Worldwide Shipping with orders £150 & over!

FREE Returns with all orders, FREE UK Shipping & FREE Worldwide Shipping with orders £150 & over!

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We have put together a few clothing brands which have similar ethics to us. Most companies would not dream of putting their competitors on their own website! However, our thought process was that if we don't have what you are looking for we would rather you be able to find sustainable clothing you like from another brand than buy fast fashion clothing. Also, we strongly believe that competition encourages innovation which in turn will allow the sustainable fashion industry to grow.

This brand started life in Australia before relocating to north London. With ranges for both men and women, it champions the use of four main fabrics – bamboo, cotton, wool and hemp – all of which are kind to the environment, and exhibit everything you want from clothing, such as durability and comfort.

The brand’s Isle of Wight factory is wind-powered. It focuses on technology to cut down on costs, both financial and environmental, such as its own low-waste printing process. Each item on the website is accompanied by an interactive map, showing the path it has taken across the production process.

This Cornwall-based clothing brand is constantly striving for greater sustainability. Organic and recycled fabrics are used throughout its range, and if your clothing becomes tatty or damaged over time, you can send it in to get repaired. The best way we can think of describing is the Finisterre range is “proper outdoorsy” – from chunky merino wool knits to storm-ready jackets.

Absolutely Bear was founded in London. All of its suppliers are members of the Fair Wear Foundation, which works to ensure garment workplace conditions are up to scratch, and a number of its pieces use organic materials. It also has two charity partners, to which 10 per cent of its profits are given.

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