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FREE Returns with all orders, FREE UK Shipping with orders of £60 & over. FREE Worldwide Shipping with orders of £150 & over!

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Thank you Ivywake + Innovation: Africa

Kidigozero Medical Clinic

Total Impact: 6600 people

Dr. Joseph Ngamila and nurse Ashura work 24 hours a day to provide medical care to over 7,000 people. Without electricity, when a patient came in at night for emergency medical care, nurse Ashura would hold a kerosene lamp over the patient while Dr. Ngamila treated their wounds. Births were performed by the dim light of unsafe and unsanitary kerosene lamps. Now, innovation: africa has installed 240 watts of solar energy, powering a solar refrigerator and ten light bulbs. Not only is the clinic well-lit at night, but outside lighting ensures that patients can find the clinic at night. For the first time, the doctor and nurse can properly store government issued medicines and vaccines, and treat their nighttime patients with the safe and sanitary healthcare they deserve. Since the installation of the solar refrigerator, over 2,000 children have been vaccinated against preventable diseases.

The Nansanga Health Clinic & The Innovation:Africa Team

The Nansanga Health Clinic is just like the medical clinic we are raising money for. They didn't have access to the lifesaving vaccines and medicine because they didn't have electricty.  

By installing Innovation:Africa's solar technology they are now able to provide children with lifesaving vaccines and provide the community with appropriate care day and night.

The Innovation:Africa team - we have featured Robert who the first full-time Electrical Engineer but to find out more about everyone who is working on creating a better future for the people of Africa, click on the button below.

Robert “Mpagi” Bakulumpagi is the first full-time Electrical Engineer to perform solar installations at schools and health centers with Innovation: Africa. He works hand-in-hand with David Wakale and Meir Yaacoby in the Electrical and Remote Monitor department. He is fluent in English and many Bantu languages.