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Brands taking the sustainable route to fashion by Menswear Style

July 08, 2017 1 Comment

Awesome to be featured in a blog by Menswear Style about brands who are creating sustainable fashion! Here is the link:


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Zerin Previndran
Zerin Previndran

April 03, 2019

Good morning,

My name is Zerin Prisha Previndran, and I am a representative from S.E.N.S.E Events, as part of Enactus Nottingham. We are a student volunteer-led non-profit organization with aims to run events to raise money to financially support many of Enactus Nottingham’s social enterprises which include:

CodeX: where we try to improve the employability of young people with autism by teaching them to code.
SANkofa SANitation: which aims to improve hygiene and living standards across impoverished communities in Ghana.

Foodprint: which tackles food waste and food poverty in Nottingham.

and many more. For more information on our social enterprise projects please visit our website:

So why do we need you?

We as S.E.N.S.E Events, seek your kind donations e.g gift cards, vouchers or sponsorship for our new project idea, which is an event that entails putting on a Sustainable Fashion Show where students use recyclable materials to design outfits that are runway ready. We are currently in the planning stages but are seeking sponsorship in order to provide the winners with a prize (e.g gift card) but alternatively, sponsorship of any sum will help us greatly.

Any amount of would be much appreciated, as it would ultimately be used to help S.E.N.S.E Events organize this event and events in the future and help Enactus Nottingham reach our overall goal of achieving the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals through our many social enterprises.

What is in it for you?

We could publically display your donation and sponsorship on our website and throughout the event taking place.

Details regarding the sponsorship or donation that you would be as so kind to provide can be further discussed and, if you seek more information in regards to who we are, what we do and more information regarding this event, do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this email, we hope that you would consider sponsoring or donating to help us achieve our goal.

Thank you

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