From Pineapple leaves to Ivywake Cardholders

November 25, 2017

From Pineapple leaves to Ivywake Cardholders


  • No additional environmental resources required for raw material.
  • No toxic chemicals used in production.
  • Closed loop production – residual leaf biomass is used as natural fertilizer/biofuel.
  • Non-woven mesh is biodegradable.


  • Heavy use of resources including land, water, food and fuel.
  • Toxic chemicals used in tanning and production have detrimental impact on health and environment.
  • High waste mass from tanning process.
  • Synthetic materials take many years to degrade, releasing toxins.

Our Cardholders History

Our Cardholders History

Step 1 - Leaf Havest

Step 2 - Decorticating

Step 3 - Washing

Step 4 - Drying

Step 5 - Degumming

Step 6 - Non-Woven

Step 7 - Finishing

Step 8 - Finished textile

I Made Your Fibre

The raw material for Piñatex® is sustainably sourced in the Philippines by pineapple farmers, creating an additional income stream for their communities. The team from the Labo Multi Purpose Farming Cooperative are proud to supply the fibre that becomes the Piñatex® used in our cardholders.

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